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Make up to $258 for every person you bring to the team as an affiliate.

Apply to become an affiliate and earn 50% of all memberships and online training sales.

Affiliate Benefits

As a website owner, online marketer, or even someone who wants to share my training with their friends, you can make money or just pay for your own training, simply by sharing high-quality training.

  • Free to apply (no payment required)
  • Recurring 50% commissions!
  • Automatic online payouts
  • Easy and convenient tracking through ThriveCart

How The Program Works

  • When you become an affiliate you get a special unique tracking link.
  • When I receive visitors through your affiliate link, I associate them with your affiliate account.
  • When they purchase one of your approved products (either on that visit, or on a subsequent one over the next 60 days), you get 50% commission!
  • You get paid again every time the client’s subscription is renewed (monthly or annually!)

Recurring Income Schedule

You heard that right. You'll keep earning 50% for EVERY subscription, billed monthly or annually.

  • There is NO LIMIT to the payout.
  • Example: For each member you get to join you earn roughly $10/mo. If you get two (2) members to join - your training is free! If you get 100 people to join, you'll earn almost $1000/mo!
  • If you're approved to sell my tier 1 training, you can earn up to $258 for EACH PERSON who sign up!
  • Example: Send an email 20 friends with your tracking link to my New Rules of Marksmanship Course - but only 10 of them sign up - You just made $2,580.00 just for sharing training that you believe in.

Still Have Questions?

Hello friends! I’m here to serve you. I’m your biggest advocate, because when you succeed, I succeed! I can take care of anything you need from setting up joint webinars to answering questions about your commissions. Whatever you need, I can help. Reach out to me and let’s talk.

Chris Sajnog
Email: [email protected]

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