CQC – Room Clearance with Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog


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    Chris, Love the video. What’s your (or anyone’s) take on a combat clear or pan of the door from the hallway prior to the dynamic entry? I see that you guys were dumping rooms without a pan. Not criticizing; merely asking so that I can learn. I’d love to hear your take. Thanks. Mav

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      Chris Post author

      When you say “Pan” – I’ll assume you mean, what I call, “Pie”

      You’re right, that’s the most unit teach it…but it’s wrong…very wrong.

      If we were to do that, every time we did, we would be putting out backs to the WHOLE rest of the building, which has not yet been cleared — AND — Put ourselves both in positions where we are unable to cover each other.

      You’ll see in the last room I “panned” the door before going in because it was at the end of the hall.

      There are other times it’s appropriate and it’s used more when you have a larger team for cover.

      As for a systematic two-person clearing with the highest % of cross cover – in that building (which I’ve done maybe 1000 times) – that run was beautiful!

      It’s so easy with paper targets too!