FireTeam 6 Pilot – Kill or Capture


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    There is nothing else like this out there! Super-practical embedded shooting lessons in the midst of the mission from the master teacher. Your efforts will prevail! Carry on the awesomeness Chris!

  2. Profile photo of Greg

    Wow. So much in this video. Went through it 3 times and just kept learning new things each time. Now going to get paper and pencil and set up my training log. Chris, this is beyond great,! Thank You to you and the Fire Team 6!

  3. Profile photo of David

    First I gotta say, great job to Chris and his fellow TV team mates. Second, I loved the 3-way split screen of getting into a good standing platform. Those few seconds REALLY helped me visualize and understand, the proper way to get into a good standing platform. And third, I hope this makes it to TV as a regular series, so you can continue to “Deliver exceptional customer service”!!!

  4. Profile photo of Adam

    Awesome! Puts it all together for me. I do executive protection for high profile clients whom are paying for the best. You’re training helps me be the best and gives me the confidence I need to perform.

  5. Profile photo of Allen

    Hooyah, Chief! Your creation is coming to life and, if this is any indication of the future shows, it will be awesome! Good luck!

  6. Profile photo of Gio

    very cool show !!!! nice fundamentals ,tips & tactics, with a bring it all together scenario….much success to you chris!!!

  7. Profile photo of Hutch

    Boss, This is money. This was the first time for me seeing it all the way through and what more awesome can be said? Awesome, that’s what.