Hangout: 15 FEBRUARY 2017


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    Tom V.

    Hi Chris,
    Just watched a video from the Shot Show where Mako has introduced a rear sight that eliminates the need for a front sight. Appreciate any thoughts/comments you can share with us about that sighting.

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    Hey Chris,

    You’ve talked about your martial arts background in the past. In Navy SEAL Shooting you said one of the ways to better yourself as a warrior was to “go get punched in the face.” In the spirit of that statement, I have been looking into Krav Maga. What are your thoughts on this form of fighting?

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    Perhaps how to use cover for maximum effectiveness against a shooter that you are in a firefight against. Specifically Tactics and what to look for when using cover and needing to return fire.

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    I would like to talk about and maybe have you demonstrate the best way or proper way to use or wear a sling for an AR-15 rifle. Which shoulder should the strap be on strong side or support side? Also best type of sling for law enforcement use

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    I know I’m not in the real meat of shooting, but it could be interesting…

    So, I’m looking for some intel about ‘best nutrition’… I saw in your ebooks that you talk about “Nothing white, no gluten & take fish oil, probiotics”, but it’ll be cool if you can talk more about that for 5 minutes! I’m not in Police / Army, so, I got no training about that (except the federal nutrition guide…)


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    Question for February 15, 2017 Hangout,

    With the many different types of night vision equipment, including the PVS-14, night vision scopes, infa red laser devices, etc., I was wondering if you will cover how to use this equipment, and explain where and how it is used and where to place it on the rifle or weapon for proper and efficient use.

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    Hi Chris ,
    Would you share with the Hang Out Attendees how we could possibly find other Members in our geographic area. For instance I live in Middle Tennessee ;so, other Members who may live here or in Southern Kentucky or Northern Alabama would be at a reasonable distance to meet and perhaps train together on occasions. Just an idea for Kindred Souls.
    I look forward to your response/input on this comment.
    Thank You
    Roy B
    aka Iceman

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    question for hangoutquestion for jan hangout_
    this is my first ar and i just bought a m4s aim point red dot for my colt le6920 – it has an a-2 front sight gas block, …would replacing it with a longer quad rail with a quad rail gas block and a flip down front sight benefit the set up more than the a2? the a2 sight is always in the way thru the scope view .. is that a bad thing??