Hangout: 15 MARCH 2017


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    Wanted to mention to Oliver that those 3 incidents in my long post where in response to his real world question. It not so much the caliber you carry it’s what you have trained and visualized for and your tactical awareness .

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    You asked for real world scenarios and here are 3 times I could have taken a life but training kicked in!

    I held a guy at gun point and I was about 20 feet away from him. I kept telling him to show his hands. He was popping his head out the back door on the deck. This went on for 2 or 3 minutes so it was a stand off. I turned to get my cell phone to call the police and he ran out and jumped off the deck which was about 6 feet from the ground. I shot high twice but he did not stop. I knew there was nobody in my house so I really didn’t want to shoot him. I chased on foot but I never saw a 20 year old run so fast.

    When I went in my house he had gotten a brick from my basement and it was on my kitchen counter where he could have hit me. He also took the garbage can and my kids soccer bags and built a small barricade leading into the kitchen. I would have come up the steps and turned into the kitchen and stopped and looked down and he could have easily taken the brick to my head. He must have done a lot of breakin’s this sounds like was prepared for someone to come in.

    About a year ago my wife said someone was in my truck around midnight. I jumped out of bed only with my underwear on grabbed my revolver and ran down the front steps and caught him in the yard and slung him to the ground and he got one his knees like he was praying. He was about to cry and begging me not to shoot him. I had the gun to his head only 3 feet away. When he figured out I was not going to shoot him he jumped back and ran down the street. I shot 2 or 3 times high while chasing him barefoot and practically naked I through the neighborhood. My feet hurt so bad so I stopped. That would look funny in any neighborhood. He had stolen a car and left it in the steet in front of my house and I guess he was upgrading to my truck. When the police came they brought the dogs and followed the trail and caught him hiding under a deck on a house. About 5 months later he was caught again for trying to break into a house with 2 12 year old girls. He is now in prison for 3 years.

    Now this was scarey:
    At 3am I was walking toward the den and stopped at the top of the basement stairs because I heard someone coming up the stairs. I quickly got my gun and was in the hallway. I definitely was going to shoot this person and held the gun at Low Ready. As the person got to the top of the stairs to open the door and come in I started bring the gun up from low ready to shoot them. However, right by these stairs another set goes up to the top floor. Am I glad I did not shoot. I had forgotten my 24 year old daughter was sleeping upstairs and it was HER coming down from upstairs. When she turned the corner the gun was up and ready to pull the trigger. When I saw it was her I about had a heart attack because I could have killed my own daughter.

    When you asked about real world incidents and not calibers of weapons I wanted to comment. I learned a lot about my self those 3 times and thought I performed well in each case. For each incident I did not panic and was prepared to shoot to kill if I wanted. I did not panic. I identified the target and what was behind the person. That is why I did not shoot my daughter because I identified the target. Local community websites people were saying I would do this or that to him and even pistol whipped them..
    I told them BS you would have just started shooting or would freeze up or pissed in your pants.

    The reason I went into detail is because these are real world incidents that started in a split second and to shoot or not shoot immediately . This proves that through mental rehearsals or visualization of possible scenarios along with training is so valuable. Once it is ingrained in your head it’s like been there done that. I guess it is the subconscious that kicks in and takes control. So you may perform much better than you think with mental rehearsal and training. It really gives you a great sense of being in control of the situation that happens so fast and you feel very Confident! No panic or just shooting at anything or pissing in you pants just calm and confident your in control. Just listen to Chris and other qualified instructors you will be OK because you are prepared. I always have tactical awareness running subconsciously in my head it seems. I have been in other situations involving guns and intimidation in bad neighborhoods in town. Some verbally daring me to shoot them.
    I know this is long but I wanted to let you know that you perform like you train. It’s true as I discovered. So train and keep training and you can handle these situations as well as you have trained.

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    Hi Chris,

    What is the best way to stabilize your yourself, and your weapon to get back on target when running or walking between cover locations? I’m amped up, my chest is heaving from hard breathing, and stressed out from scanning my sector at the same time trying to identify the target, and focus on the front sight. The rounds are not on target.
    Thx, Bradford

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    When training to shoot while moving and dealing with multiple targets, I catch myself clenching my diaphram on an exhale a few shots into the excersise occasionally. I know when I do it because I typically will push a shot low and to the right (carbine and pistol). Any suggestions on how to maintain your shooting rhythm and breathing when under duress?
    I may have to catch the replay…wifes birthday. Priorities. Thanks.

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    Something that is often overlooked is first aid\trauma training. We all shoot so I think we should all be able to administer aid in case we have to, on others and ourselves.

    Question: What do you take to the range in case of emergencies?

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      Great question! Another live webinar I attended recently through USCCA, discussed caring the proper gear for trauma events and proper training. Today’s hangout Chris showed some great gear escpeically the small travel packet. I hope he sends a link to those items.

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    Hi Chris
    I echo Gio’s thought process on the 9mm Home Defense/My Street Concept. I have a Glock 17 and a KelTec Sub2000 Gen 2 combination as my home defense grab and go package.

    My tactical vest will accommodate 10 Glock 32 round magazines plus 4 Glock 17 standard capacity magazines. The forementioned combined with a loaded pistol and carbine give me 400 plus rounds to grab and go when and if needed. Light in weight and completely interchangeable.

    Regardless of what magazine I grab it will fit either weapon. With the “breakdown ” feature of the Sub2000 they easily fit into an inconspicuous book satchel.

    Should the need arise my wife can also competently use these weapons if she had to do so.

    I have 7.62×39 and 30.06 for other situations..

    Have to work and cannot participate “live” in this month’s Hang Out . Look forward to watching “rebroadcast ” and hearing your comments/thoughts on Gio’s comment and my take.

    Thank You
    Roy B from Tennessee
    aka Iceman

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    I would like to see discussed how some people have dealt or would deal with threats. I don’t care what caliber your pistol is or who manufactured your holster. What happened? What did you learn?

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      Chris Post author

      Oliver, can you clarify what you’re asking? Are you just wanting to hear a few “real world” times when this training is put to the test? If so, I might have to invite on coach Sean!

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    hi chris, what are your thoughts on a 9mm carbine that uses glock magazines for compatibility –either rifle or sbr for close quarter self defense protection in a home dwelling suburban area ?
    thanks as always