Members Website Update, 15 April 2016


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  1. Profile photo of William

    Chris – I know the website doesn’t measure up to your vision yet, but rest assured that the information in it is just as powerful no matter how it’s packaged. I wish you could see how much my pistol work has improved…I’m so stoked, I decided to have an AR 15 built just because of your course and the confidence it has given me. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and brilliant teaching technique is truly stunning. You’re a true Sensei.

  2. Profile photo of Bruce

    I really love the new web site. As an instructor in law enforcement I constantly encourage all shooters to go to your web site and embrace the New Rules of Marksmanship! Hopefully some of them will join the site also. I find it very valuable. Thanks for your information and experience.

    Also as a former Navy man and Viet Nam combat vet, thankl you for your service to this great nation!

    Bruce Morton