Motivational Run


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  1. Profile photo of David

    Just watched this, looked fun! Definitely set the bar high for sure. I wish I had someplace near by to do something like this, but on the east cost where I am we don’t have this kind of elevation, but I gotta find someplace where I can do something like this, just to see the views at the end.

  2. Profile photo of Steve

    Pure unadulterated ass-kicking mind over matter inspiration brother!
    Love the tunes. If looking for more music check out the Godsmack channel on Pandora. Same genres.
    You are the man!
    Time for a walk…

  3. Profile photo of Kevin M
    Kevin M

    Ok then. That was excellent work! No excuses indeed. Way to go! Time to put my titanium knee back to work in an appropriate way to regain my lost fitness. Tomorrow is a holiday from work. Absolutely no excuses.

  4. Profile photo of Sean

    Way to go Boss!
    The only thing comparable locally is 1500′ in roughly a mile at a 7-8% grade. We used to run it for rugby training. Positive self talk wasn’t high on my priority list. What oxygen I had available for talk was NOT family friendly. Caffeine and hate, baby! (with a nod to BRCC). As always, you continue to impress me with your calm, positive approach to difficult tasks!

  5. Profile photo of Chris
    Chris Post author

    Thanks guys. No excuses. I didn’t plan on saying anything, I guess I never really thought I did that, but I do.

    If you want to do something, just tell yourself to do it.

    I ran the next day too. Light run. It’s important to keep the blood flowing.

      1. Profile photo of Hutch

        last week I did a hike to 3000′ with snowshoes and a 40 lb pack. It was a gut check but so worth it. We took all day to do it but we weren’t running. We did break trail the entire way up. I reckon Chris knows what I’m talking about!

        1. Profile photo of Sean

          I’ve done that once or twice, and the Suck is far more than most would believe! Especially as a person somewhat North of 200lbs. Snowshoeing up a mountain rates pretty high on my “this sucks rocks” scale.

  6. Profile photo of Roy

    Your run re-enforced the Henry Ford Statement on Mindset – – – Whether you believe you can ; or, you can’t , both are right. You believed you “Can” and “You Did!”
    Very impressive with perseverance .
    Thank You for the inspiration.

  7. Profile photo of Gio

    wholly molly your a tuff dude chris!!! Love the mindset and drive you have… its contagious …. thanks for the video….The only easy day was yesterday 😉

  8. Profile photo of Mike

    Yep, I’m Impressed. Over 4000′ elevation in 2 miles under 30 minutes with a weighted vest. Set the bar high you have.