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  1. Profile photo of Rick

    Bought the green egg and the CoC gripper (#1) – it absolutely is improving my grip. Been using them in the car during my commute.

    After a couple of weeks, I’m almost ready to buy the Coc gripper (#1.5).

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    Wow, just got my DFX power ball and man you were right! What a great workout for sure! One caution is if you happen to drop it, it will easily break. Sensitive parts inside. Luckily, I bought straight from DFX and they are VERY helpful if that happens. Some places might be cheaper, but I recommend buying straight from DFX.

  3. Profile photo of Steve

    Peter, very good advice!
    I am using a dfx powerball now which I believe is a starter-level device. I like the fact that you can change the vector of the force. It seems to build forearm and hand strength pretty quickly. Knowing how this one burns after about 10 minutes of continuous use, I can’t imagine what the V-powerball must feel like.

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    Caley Woods

    Ordered several grip training aids a few weeks ago and loving them. Ordered the platinum powerball, #1 CoC gripper, and a set of 3 eggs of varying firmness. I’m only about a millimeter from being able to close the #1 CoC so I think I need to order the .5 to work on building the strength.

    Really enjoy the powerball though.

    1. Profile photo of Steve

      Hi Caley!
      I would like to purchase a CoC gripper. I can roll a basic powerball for about 10 minutes continuously in each hand. Where would you advise I start with CoC gripper?

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        Caley Woods

        Hey Steve! Part of their FAQ covers which one to start with. I started with a #1 because I didn’t read the FAQ first. I can close the #1 now 2-3 times in a row before tiring out so I think I may need to order the .5 to really speed up my grip strength gains. I think their general advice is to start on the trainer. They run about $25 a piece on amazon but I have to say they’re very well made and definitely feel like they would last a lifetime.

        I’ve let several people try mine who have expressed interest in buying their own, they seem to be addictive even to people who have never tried one before. We tend to pass mine around the office between 4 or 5 others who are still trying to close it.


        1. Profile photo of Joe

          Thank you so much for sharing this post!!! I read everything on the Ironmind page about the CoC grips a d placed my first order!!!

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    I love the pain from those powerballs. I use one every night. I haven’t tried the V-powerball yet. Also great for winning grip fights with your brother!

    1. Profile photo of Peter

      Hello Steve – you don’t have to go to the toughest tool right away. Work your way up. You can always increase the volume.