OK, that's fine. Let's get you that free download...

To make sure I don’t send emails to the wrong address, I'll send you your login details via email and give you directions on how to access the PDF. Please check your inbox in about 30 minutes and follow the steps below to access your free download.

Step 1

Go to your email inbox and find the message sent by [email protected], with the subject line Download Your Top Must-Have Tools here.

Step 2

This email contains a short message, your login details and a link. Click on the link to the members area.

Step 3

Watch the welcome video and you’re done! You'll find the download in the Downloads area on your dashboard or by clicking on My Courses.

Hey Chris - Where's my email!?!?

If you haven't receive this email within 1 hour it's either in a spam folder or you may have typed in the wrong email address by mistake. Check your spam folder and if it's not there, just sign up again and double check your spelling.


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