Training For Personal Defense


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  1. Profile photo of Rick


    Outstanding suggestions on training for personal home defense. I have already brainstormed several scenario’s:
    Home invasion while family is sleeping, watching t.v. / relaxing, coming home from work to a situation, kids in their rooms doing homework, wife in kitchen while I am out in the shop, someone coming to the front door. Just to name a few. I have run these through my mind before but never did a walk through involving my family.
    This video really brings it home. Protecting my family. Now that motivates!

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    Thank talk started me thinking of where my wife will go at night during the day I didn’t even think of that case. So now the planning continues with outside of the house.

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    Thank You for presenting the Macroview of Personal/Home Defense and Protection. Many times we have the Microview (Shoot Better) ; however, as You aptly pointed out if we Do Not Have A Plan the “Outcome” may not be what we desire.
    I pledge to share this with my wife and we will develop a Personal/Home Defense and Protection Plan and Train .
    Thank You
    Roy B from TN
    aka Iceman