Unstable Shooting Platform Training


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  1. Profile photo of Jaak

    … snowboarding and skateboarding will help on this kind of shooting platform. … need to seek where is my old skate 😉

  2. Profile photo of USADad

    This drill is not in my near future. Amazing how the legs can cant one way then the other while the shoulders stay perfectly level. The hips move very little as well. Seems like 95% of the stabilization is in the legs. I would assume you better have very good leg strength before attempting this. And of course start with a blue gun or other safe gun. I imagine Seals have a drill to deal with the boat pitching up and down forward and aft as well. Thanks Chris.

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    Tom V.

    Hell, I wobble like that without any training aides. LOL Great video Chris. Incorporating elements of your environment gives you that tuned edge.

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    You are “Spot On” – – – Train in Your Environment/Probable Theatre of Operation in Actual/Realistic Simulated Scenarios .

    Thank You for the Video.

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    Training on slick surfaces since we get ice and snow here in the winter. I had a piece of ice that fell out of the middle of a sno- tube. The ice was flat on top and rounded on the bottom. I didn’t use any toys but would stand and slowly run through draw strokes while maintaining balance. It’s tougher than it looks!